Pocket Aces and A Really Big 3-Bet

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Playing 1/2 on the Strip, having a great night, bought in for $200 and was sitting behind over $600.

Villain had just joined the table, no read on him, and had most of his $300 buy-in. In middle position he opens for $11. Two players with smaller stacks call the $11.

I'm in the blinds with pocket Aces. I don't want to see more than one caller so I put out $75.

I suppose that was too much so feel free to give me your thoughts on what I should have bet.

The original raiser agonizes for some time and finally, reluctantly, calls. The other two callers fold instantly.

The flop is King-8-2, rainbow. First action is on me.

What do I do?

I'll wait for some feedback before finishing.


  1. I probably would have raised to about $55-60 preflop. And on that flop, assuming still the one caller in a heads up pot, I would have continuation bet about $65 (which is low because it's such a safe board). If he raises I go all in...and if he calls, I shove any turn except for maybe an Ace in which case I might check in hopes that he bluffs or sticks it in with an Ace.

  2. I agree with Jon but with that said if you got an opponent to call $75 preflop then your sizing was correct. You always want them to call the biggest bet possible without letting them make a correct fold. So with him having 225 left and such a safe flop I would bet 75 again and plan on shoving turns for his last 150. You're really only behind KK here and if he has it then so be it. If he raises your $75 flop bet then you just need to go with your hand and let the cards fall as they may.

  3. What is the best way to determine the preflop raise size? I always struggle to figure that formula out. And doesn't it look weak to bet the same size on the flop?

  4. @Chizzle I think the raise to $75 screams Aces or Kings in most $1/$2 NL games (which actually makes me slightly nervous with AA if I get called and see a K-high flop). I probably would've gone to $45 or $50, which leaves my range a good deal more open in Villain's eye, but likely still gets the two flat-callers to fold pre.

  5. @Chizzle Normally I three bet to 3 times the open when I have position on the opener and 4 times the open when I am out of position. And yes, the same bet on the flop as preflop looks a little weak but that's what we want because we want action with this hand.

  6. Rob
    • Rob

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    I bet $100. He tanked and then folded.

    I was sort of auto-pilot and thought I had to bet there, Ordinarily I would bet 2/3's the pot. The $100 was less than that, but, too much I guess.