Pocket Rockets

Strategy & Advice by SACEUR Posted

7 handed $100/300 table, I have pocket Aces(♡◇) in bb, raise, fold, re-raise, call, call and I flat call and blindsc. Flop comes 10, Q, K all ♧. With no clubs and 5 aggressive players behind me, I push all in and the all go out, $1500 pot and I show. Table erupts with bad move, good move, questionable move. Thoughts?


  1. Thoughts are this isn’t the forum for your bad beat stories. Keep playing the game and soon enough you’ll realize that’s the last thing we want to hear about. Try 2plus2 forums for these posts

  2. Horrible move btw

  3. Why flat there? U want to play pocket aces 6 handed out of position? Why shove when most of your opponents have k’s, q’s, 2 pairs, flush’s, flush draws, and straights in range. U turned pocket aces into a bluff with no draws. And then why show? So everyone knows how bad ur logic was?

  4. Yeah bad move there bud. I wouldn't flat preflop. Too many ranges in the pot to see the flop. And I wouldn't have shoved either on the flop. Too many hands beat you. Sets, flushes, straights. And you had no draws either. But only way to learn is make mistakes I guess.