poker study disscussion group

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Im in the boston area , been studying the game off and on for some years now but have dived head first back in recently few months ago looking for like minded people to talk and study with doesnt matter if your out of state let me know if youre interested


  1. In the Boston area as well, always lookin to chat/review hands & share strategies.

  2. I’m always up for learning how other see the game

  3. Always down to discuss strategies and perspective in the Boston area as well link.

  4. I'm also interested in the Boston area

  5. @nolimit420 let’s get these poker minds together

  6. This is not a game to study on and off if you're a serious student.

    I take my game as if I were an NFL coach. If I play once a week, I study the other six days for that game.

    When I jog/walk for miles, I think about a hand. After my breakfast at the diner, I take out a poker book to go with my coffee refill.

    Be serious.