Poker training in northern CA

Strategy & Advice by 007Bourne Posted

I live in northern CA near San Francisco. Is there a place to get poker training nearby?


  1. Never heard about any, I practice my gaming skills online

  2. @luckyjack Which sites have you found to be the most useful? Many sites seem to have bots. Also, the players are very loose and aggressive when playing with play money. I'm learning how to play against this type of player type. But I really want to learn the skills to play well when real money is involved.

    I've tried PokerStars and WSOP so far. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  3. What are you looking for exactly? You want to pay for coaching or a training site? Or looking to get staked and coached or what?

  4. Jackson Rancheria offers a no but in needed 3/6 limit game Friday and Saturdays at 6pm if your one of the first 20 to sign up to play. Spin a wheel and get anywhere from $25-$50 in love chips with no obligation to add more.

  5. There are casino but you can't get training such like that way you wants..I suggested you can the better option of training of poker online.. : )