preflop all in

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If you have A J suites dimonds. Q 6 suited hearts calls $300 all in. Which is better hand?


  1. 7-2 off suite is the best hand

  2. I can't tell if this is a real question or not... AJ suited all day

  3. @PandaDealer - Glad I am not the only one confused by this.

  4. 2 pair beats a frush

  5. Correction: Two 7’s beats a Frush.

  6. Ace Jack is okay heads up All In but not great. If there's an all in of any kind the odds are there's at least Ace King or better probably a strong pair and you're definitely behind the eight-ball. I personally call Ace Jack Suited parking lot hand. Play it carefully. A pair of twos disus is ahead preflop. Playing late in position preferably after the flop with two pair a pair, straight draw, and or flush draw. And of course with the nut flop straight flush, or rainbow straight

  7. @PandaDealer I agree

  8. @KJC617 Are you crazy?

  9. @billsmith5120 Yes good advice but this player could be referring to if he/she is low on chips. So going all in with Ace Jack suited makes sense in that situation. And also have other players before you already placed bets that are more than your all in. In that case you might just want to fold

  10. Depends if weaker aces folded