Same Weekend at Foxwoods...

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In continuation of my first post...

I decided to buy into Foxwood's 2PM $100 bounty tournament on Saturday. This time there were 58 +/- players with about 3 minutes left before the first break and the end of the buy-in time.

I am sitting in seat 6 of a 9 handed table. (We had already lost one player) and two of the three larger stacks were in the small and big blind positions. The other larger stack was to my immediate right.

The blinds are currently $600/$1,200/$50 ante.

Play starts with UNG folding. UNG +1 who has the shortest stack ($6,800 behind) looks at his two cards and pushes all in. Player to my right thinks for a couple of moments and then mucks his cards. I look down and find K K . I have been playing my usual conservative style and have $12,200. behind. Left to act are the small and big blinds which have stacks of $25,000 +/- and $30,000 +/- behind.

I am not a fan of K K but realize the all-in player could be shoving with a suited ace, ace with strong kicker or any pocket pair. This player had been in quite a few hands since sitting down with a late start in the tournament.

So thinking I would keep the remaining players out of the hand I pushed all in. The small and big blinds both think about things for a few minutes, but decide to fold. So now we are heads up and the first all in player turns up A Q . So I'm a little worried but happy he does not have pocket pair and that the only card to worry about would be the Ace.

The flop comes down all low cards with one spade and two hearts. The turn is also a heart. Now I'm really worried since he is holding a heart. And sure enough the river is a small heart as well. So again I don't believe i made that poor a decision with moving in the the second best starting hand, but being flushed at the river really hurt.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Its just one of the Cons about calling all-in preflop with a monster vs an under dog. Cant win them all I guess...

  2. Hey bigbrudder, poker is a cruel game sometimes. Just seemed like a weekend where I could not win a race. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Ouch, that's the worst part about poker....not everything is in your control. All you can do is make good decisions and hope for the best.

  4. You did what all good players do, isolate with the better hand. You were a 71% Fav. to win, those are great odds for adding 6800 to your stack plus the blinds/antes. As a matter of fact you don't get much better than this scenario. Perfect decision, but dam that 29%!!!of the time you will lose. Your odds would go down significantly with anyone else in the hand.

  5. I agree. You can't fold that hand to a short-stack shove, and you had to get the other big stacks out if possible. It's all one long session, right?