Seniors Tournament Play

Strategy & Advice by Lone Star Guy Posted


What's a good basic strategy for getting deep in Senior's tournament. Typically, these are seasoned players and my understanding they usually have something when they bet strong (although I have seen consistent bluffing from a player or two).

I've been to a few of these and usually finish in top 25-30% but would of course, like to go deeper (like everyone else). There is always the age old issue of having long streaks with bad hole cards. I find it difficult to bluff or semi-bluff in that situation, especially when someone goes over top of my bet.

Anyway, probably a too vague and general question, but just thought I'd ask.



  1. The winner of a poker tournament always got lucky.

  2. aggression is key near the money bubble, and try to pay attention to ranges of opponents when they go to showdown, widening your range late in pos. is key and pick on the stacks on your table that are mid stacks on the table as they will not want to play as many hands late with shorter stacks than them.

  3. You should steal a lot in starting stages, defend your big blind constantly and although in multi-ways to get more feasibility..!!