Stupid JJ

Strategy & Advice by FlashAllen Posted

Ok, I'm back again. Everyone gave me some pretty good advice last time so I'll do it again.

I can't win with J J to save my life. I just want to throw them in the garbage can when I see them. Doesn't matter what position - I find a way to lose.

Anyone have any general strategies on how you play them? I want to take some advice and piece it together. Thanks.


  1. One way a prominent player told me to play them that I like to avoid some of the problems with JJ is to play like AA preflop. Hammer away before a card hits the board and you'll find out where you are. Let's say you raise and someone comes over the top. You put a four-bet and you'll know pretty quickly if the other guy is sitting on KK or AA if he re-raises. It's better to lose a little pre-flop then have a board of undercards hit, you push and get crushed. Plus you've set up play for later in the hand as well if it continues.

  2. Not sure if I'm board with the total idea there but you do have to play it aggressively. The better position the harder you can hit with it. Keep that in mind.

  3. If you have good instincts and reading skills, you'll figure it out. Take some time and piece the info together. After reading what Super said, it does make sense to push it to a point where you'll figure out what they have and maybe save some chips long haul. Might try that. :)

  4. I will agree from this standpoint - people don't play JJ aggressively enough pre-flop. It's a huge hand so putting a lot of heat on the table with it is ok. You can get hands like AK and AQ and sometimes even QQ out by forcing them to call a 4-bet or making a 5-bet. Just take a minute and take into account, position, how the players are playing and so on to make sure you maintain control of the hand whether it's being ready to go all the way with it or knowing there's a line that you can fold if you have to.

  5. It's the 4th best starting hand in poker - what do you want? Play it like it is. People go so crazy with AK and then flip out with JJ. Push, push and push with it!