Tourney hand situation - thoughts?

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Thoughts on this hand, please.

Blinds 600/1200/200? ante - Have about 33k, 7 handed, 28 left and cash at 24.

I'm in BB.

UTG +1 (probably the best player at the table and by far biggest stack)- min raises.
Button holding about 52k calls.

I get K Q and call.

Flop comes A Q A . I bet 6k to try to flush out an ace or straight draw. UTG +1 folds, Button calls. So the bet accomplishes what I was looking for: I cleared out the big stack and put the Button on the A or draw.

Turn is 7 . I check, Button also checks.

Now here comes the fun card - 5 - giving me the nut flush. I'm feeling pretty good at this point because there's no straight out there and with the min raise just called I'm putting him a on weak ace. With about 25k left, I bet 12k. Button raises me all-in and with 12k back I call.

He shows A Q for the flopped full house and I'm off to the showers.

Could I have saved myself there somehow?


  1. The bet on the river was a big mistake. AQ was a definite possibility there. A check would have at minimum kept you in the tourney even if you called with a shot to double up and have position for a few hands.

  2. I think you could have kept that pot smaller. Checking the nut flush with AAQ on the board wouldn't have been a bad thing. Let the other guys do the work.

  3. I think it's better to just check and call in this situation. Once you bet the river there, you are forced to call off your stack

  4. The river bet was the big error. You still had a chance to stay alive if you just check-call that. Must be some hyper aggressive internet kid.

  5. I'll say either one of two things. Fold it right away or pop it all the way pre-flop. Given that fact you're near the bubble, that AQ would have shrunk up in a hurry to a bet like that. You may have had to deal with that big stack but he might not have been willing to risk calling 27 or so BB's to take you out. Looks like you at least had a good read on him so it might have been a risk worth taking.

  6. Betting out on the flop is terrible. Especially to the tune of 6k into roughly 8500. On this texture, we're likely only getting action from better. If we are ahead, it's very likely to stay that way. If we check-call the flop, at least there's a shot at getting action from worse. As played, once the turn goes check-check, it's mandatory to bet the river. It seems like our opponent rarely has Ax unless he's slowplaying some boat, so a smaller bet is in order on the river to try to get paid off. When he shoves however, we're only beating a bluff. If our opponent had anything he needed to bluff with than he almost certainly would have bet the turn after you checked. It's probably a fold on the river but I never would fold if I showed up in that spot, thank God I don't put myself in these spots....

  7. I agree with your decision to call before the flop given the pot odds offered to you, but it is a hand where you need to proceed with caution because of the possibility that your hand is dominated. For that reason, folding preflop, as suggested by others, is also reasonable.

    I don't like your flop bet. You are betting out when you are likely way behind. With two opponents, one likely has an ace. If neither has an ace, there is little risk in checking. If the board does get uglier for you, you can always fold. You should be trying to get to a cheap showdown.

    Your flush by the river was well-disguised. But the board was paired. I think checking and then calling the river would be a better approach as you save some chips if the opponent has a full house and you induce a bet from trip aces hands by checking.

    As played, I also would have called given that my opponent might not put me on a flush and might think trip aces is good.

  8. As soon as I see the word "call", you lost me. You should have been the one taking control of this pot from the beginning by reraising. KQsuited is a premium hand, at least class 2 and deserves a 3bet. Then when the flop comes and you lead out with a pot size bet, you're representing the ace, and 7/10 times, he has to fold because he's only getting 2:1 odds. DON'T EVER CALL UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE THE NUTS AND YOU'RE TRYING TO TRAP.

  9. Best to just check and call I think and catch bluffs with your hand.

  10. @xEvictionz You're obv just completely clueless. Are we 3-betting the call off vs a 4-bet or are we turning KQs into a 3bet bluff and folding vs a 4-bet? Pot size bet? If we had 3bet pre( which would be reasonable but def far from standard in any good player's opinion with 28BBs and this hand in this spot), than any "pot size c-bet" would essentially be a shove. There's gonna be in the neighborhood of 17BBs in the middle after a 3-bet and a flat and we're gonna have roughly 20-22 BBs behind, the idea of betting big to get someone to fold is worthless as no one's ever folding any Ace that they're showing up with.

  11. Amazing how everyone seems to know that check-calling would be a better play than leading river after you have already revealed that both he shoved river and had AQ....Villain's basically never going to bluff river if necessary after checking back turn, and how often is our opponents hand specifically a full house? Maybe 10%? Check-calling river is obv the worst option. If you gave this exact same hand history up to 5h falling and didn't reveal any river action, everyone's opinion would be different obv. SMFH

  12. I'm done as soon as the Ace hit...

  13. just one question, what hands are calling your bet on the river that can't beat you?

    good luck!

  14. Calling preflop was fine, but AAQ with one heart is not the best flop. Even if he has s weak ace you are down. I would have checked/folded.

  15. Calling preflop was fine, but AAQ with one heart is not the best flop. Even if he has s weak ace you are down. I would have checked/folded.