Two hands from this weekend....

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Just returned home from Foxwoods Casino in CT. Managed to play in three tournaments and was not able to cash. During these tournaments I played a couple of hands and would appreciate some feedback. The first one is below and I will follow with a second post later with the other.

8PM Friday turbo $80 buy in. Made it through 45 players +/- to the final table of 10 by being conservative and doubling against a couple of the more aggressive players. The final table has lost two players already and I have played only a couple of hands which I won a small amount in each pot, but I am the short stack by far when this hand occurs:

Blinds are 1,200/2,400 with 200 antes 8 players remaining (payout is the top 5)

I am sitting in the cutoff seat (with 12,000 behind) when the player that is UG +2 bets $6,000. (This player is one of the big stacks and has 42, 000 or so behind.)

I look down at my cards and find Ax Qx. My feeling at the time is that he has a small pair or he is just applying pressure because of my stack size. He had been applying pressure to the table (especially against the player to his right by re-raising frequently and getting them to fold) One thing I did not stop to consider at the time is that there were two large stacks sitting to my left (dealer and small blind). So from his play earlier I figure a mid sized pair or an Ace with medium kicker, possibly suited as the cards he was playing.

Since i am so short staked against the table and these are the best cards I had seen in quite a few orbits I decided to push all in.

The remaining players fold and we turn our cards up. The big stack has pocket 8s against my Ax Qx. The board runs out dry for me and I'm out in 8th.

One question is did I over value my Ax Qx. I had not thought so at the time since i was short stack, but i am second guessing myself. I needed to start wining chips or I was out anyway.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I agree with Jitter. AQ with 5bb's leaves little to think about. Push and hopefully keep it heads up. You were live and racing...cant complain about that.

  2. Perfectly fine and standard as others have suggested.

  3. Thank you Jitter, brose21 and Benton. At least I did what I needed to do then. That will make my second post seem like I'm whining a little. As always even KK does not always hold up as well.

  4. The trick to this question is What is his normal raising range in that position? So he puts up a 2.5 x in that spot, guessing his range is all pairs to 66, all A s- 9s, all A o -10 o., K s- 10 s, Q s - 10s, J s -10 s , Q K. So you are only ahead a small % of the time, however how long are you going to wait around? If the levels are due to go up in less than 2 mins., you have no choice, all in. If they just went up, you have a few hands to wait for a mid. -high pair., then all in.

  5. This play makes sense to me. I'd take issue with 06 V Strom comment; do you really expect to get a better hand than AQ in the next orbit? I think you're not a favorite to improve your holding over just a few hands.