weird hand with QQ

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okay so here is what happen playing a $60 tourney and I get QQ in middle position blinds are 500/1000 . UTG player1 raise to 6000
UTG+1 call I reraise to 18000 , the cutoff player goes all in for 42k or so and the button player goes all in as well for about 80k which barely cover mine stack. what should I do though. I will post conclusion later


  1. .... Thanks. For the Tip; how long you been rolling with the poker circuit

  2. What did the UTG and UTG +1 do? How in the F are there 5 people in this hand? First player raises 6x and the second calls. Then you triple that and a shove and a shove? I know QQ is third best, but you have to fold there. You can't be ahead. IMO. It is however a $60 tourney and people play like idiots. I'm usually shocked when they turn it over. I'm assuming you have about 60k behind at this point. How many people are left? How important is cashing to you? More than likely you have fold equity.

  3. This answer assumes that both UTG and UTG+1 fold and it's back on you.

    Without any information about the players, once the bigger stack shoves over the top, you have to fold. With the fold you still have about 60 big blinds left and (assuming these 2 have not been shoving really light to this point in the tournament) then you have to believe that at least one of them has you beat. Plus, calling here is basically for your tournament life.

    If you had told us that the smaller stack had been shoving every hand, or that both of them had been shoving at least once or twice an orbit, then I'd say call. In that case, you have to know that the players are shoving it in with a really wide range of hands and both of them could have worse (or even much worse) than QQ. Also, in that situation, I might not raise with QQ, but instead let them shove really light and hopefully trap either UTG or UTG+1 who might call those maniacs with a worse hand than QQ.

    Other things to think about:
    UTG raised to 6X and got called by UTG+1, with no sense of how these 2 are playing, I think your raise is fine, you are ahead of a lot of the junk that most people are playing in a $60 tournament and are trying to keep the field from getting too big. And since it seems like they folded, clearly they were not really tight players who are only playing monsters from early position.

    If the 42k stack shoved and it folded back to you, I think a call is fine -- only 2 hands have you crushed, you are flipping against AK, and you are ahead of some of his range (hands like J-J, 10-10 and even A-Q or worse that might be shoving). So, against his whole range, you'd be getting the right price to call the extra 24,000 chips. Also, in that case even if you lose, you still have about 40 big blinds.


  4. Fold and hope that a Queen doesn't flop.

  5. Fold.

    Your information doesn't make sense. Did you just call the 18000 reraise? And Cutoff 4bets all in? Either way, fold. If a Q flops which I am guessing it did, it still doesnt matter, fold

    Some other information might help, like how many players are left.

  6. This is a simple fold. At best you're going up against AK, and even then, it doesn't matter if you have pocket 3s it's still a race. The mistake you made is that you 3bet that big and didn't have a plan. If you got 4bet, then it's an easy fold. The 3bet wasn't the problem, but you have to at least assume that the UTG player has something good since he raised 6BB. Then a call, then you 3Bet. As long as you can remain over 10BB in the tourney you'll be fine, so it's an easy fold.

  7. I also think this is a fold. I feel like you're flipping vs AK at best. 60 big blinds is still a ton to work with.

  8. When it got to you. U should have went all in and hope they don't spike and A's or K

  9. with stack sizes you described this would be a good spot to shove and get equity out of your hand. I don't like the 3 bet in mid position. You're asking for action from later positions whether they trump your hand or not. Good poker players know that first aggression wins pots. I think you set yourself up for failure. If they wake up with a monster on the cutoff or late position you can still catch. But wasting 18k in this spot with no plan is not ideal. Shove or fold here.

  10. Since when have there been $60 buy in tournaments in which the majority of the players at the table have 40-80 BB effective stacks during the 500-1000 level. Can't remember ever being in a live donkament where the average stack exceeded 25 BBs during this level, especially considering the buy in....sounds like a made-up hand frankly