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Small buy in tournaments depends who you are talking to for some small is under 1000 and would never even think of playing in a 50 dollar buy in others 200 is huge so it all depends on who you are talking about , with that in mind for me small is 30 40 50 in the small rebuy tourney my play does change because I am trying to get the max amount of chips before rebuy is over , risk is very high play is loose and call everything to a point . After rebuy is over then back to reading and more of a focus on the game . Thank you for asking me I hope it helps you.


  1. Paul Bunyan small tournaments are great for honing your skills. I've played in small buy-in tournaments against some of the top state and National an international players. Sometimes there's no big game in town and a lot of tournament Players don't play cash games. Or they are just bored and just step into the nearest game or Casino. Also the $600 payoff for $40 Buy in is good in anybody's book I know. In Nevada, New Jersey and Resort cities where there are larger tournaments going on all the time. Yeah it depends on what you mean by smaller tournaments. But most cities you're lucky to see 4 or 5 larger tournaments in a year. But there's always that 50 to $200 tournament at your local casinos. And they are fun. Those who only play high roller tournaments players usually don't stay around too long. Even the big famous names. See how many of those big high rollers that were on TV 5 years ago are still around two or three and one of those is a multi billionaire Tech Giant and not really a pro. The smaller games pay the rent buy the groceries and keep the IRS off your ass. I live in a city where there is four or five tournaments going on everyday. I can cash two or three times a week. Takedown 1 to 5 Grande and and stay off the radar easy. I don't call myself a pro but I've been accused of being one LOL. I guess if you're in the poker room everyday you're either a billionaire or something. And I ain't no billionaire. LOL just remember watch your bank, set your play time limit and you're winning cap. 1973 I started to get up from a table at the old Bicycle Club in LA. I had a nice stack in front of me. And a woman said to me you can't get up a winner. That's when I realized and I have stuck to it there's only two ways you can get up from a poker table either a winner or loser. If you stick around long enough you'll always be a loser. Hit and run chicken run is my philosophy LOL