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Announcements from 52 Social Club


*DAILY TOURNAMENTS* Check out our new regular daily tournament schedule starting May 4th!

*BREAKFAST CLUB* Free breakfast to seated players from 10:30am-Noon.

*QUADS PARTY* Make quads or better in any NLH game and receive $100. If the hand is flopped the payout is doubled! Both cards must play promotion runs noon-midnight.

*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL* All 1/2 NLH, 1/3 NLH and 1/1 PLO players will play for FREE between 9am and 1pm!

*$5200 NLH BAD BEAT JACKPOT* AAAJJ or better must lose to Quads or better, 4 handed minimum.

*5c2c STRAIGHT FLUSH* Make a straight flush with 5c2c using both cards and win $5200!! Valid on 1/2 and 1/3 NLH, 4 handed minimum.

*TIME DISCOUNT* Time for $1/2nl, $1/3nl and $1/1plo will be discounted at $8/hr. Also, buy $100 in time and receive an additional $20 time for free!

*REFER A FRIEND* Bring a friend and you both get $25 in FREE TIME! Referral must be made at time of new membership.

*FULL RESTAURANT AND BAR* Get $1 in Food Comp for every hour of table time.

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Cash Games Offered

    • 1/1 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: $40 to $100
    • 1/3 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: $100 to $500
    • 5/5 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: $500 to $1,500
    • 5/10 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: Min $1,000
    • 1/2 Pot Limit Big O Hi/Lo
    • Buy-in: $100 to $500
    • 1/2 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
    • Buy-in: $100 to $500
    • 5/5 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
    • Buy-in: $500 to $2,500
    • 25/25 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
    • Buy-in: Min $2,500
    • 8/16 Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: Min $80
    • 20/40 Mixed
    • Buy-in: Min $400