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craftbrewed wrote a review about All in Poker Club in Houston, TX

Work In Progress - Eager to See This Club Grow

My name is Josh. I run a private game, and play several days per week (cash and tournaments). I live in Deer Park, and even though 52S and SoHo are closer to me, I do NOT enjoy playing at those places. I really wish All In could grow their games to rival Spades. That will be good for all of us South of Houston. I have shown my commitment to the club by buying $500 in time and hosting a game (see below).

The club is a work in progress. As the staff is better trained, as procedures and processes are put into place, and as they work to attract new players, I am hopefully the place does well. I would also like to see increased security presence.

All In is leveraging established game runners to create traffic and bring action to the club by offering space for private games. I run a private game from inside the club a few nights a week (Mon Holdem 6pm, Fri Holdem 5pm, Sat PLO&ROE 12pm). We provide massage, proficient dealers, free food/drinks. With a mix of private games and club games,

I think the room needs to make a huge splash if they want to attract business away from Spades for regular games that the club operates and to create a synergistic strategy to grow poker in the bay area. I would be happy to share my opinions if asked.

Food and Drink

Announcements from All in Poker Club



Open: 9:00AM - Close

-HH 1/3nlh games from 9am-1pm ONLY $5 HOURLY!!!
-$5 Door Fee
-$5 One-Time New Membership Fee
-100% Time match on purchases of $100 up to $300

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Oconnor wrote a review about All in Poker Club in Houston, TX


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