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brandon207 wrote a review about Ameristar Black Hawk in Black Hawk, CO

Nice clean room. Decent dealers

I like it here. Mainly cause it's the biggest room around. All the dealers seem friendly and quick which is a huge plus. Cocktails waitresses are quick and most are friendly.

The play style is so weird. Old guys limping in every hand then all of a sudden when first to act preflight they raise $17... uhhh? Why not just tell everyone you have a really strong hand. Or, my favorite is when 4 people limp and it goes to someone who makes it an obscene amount, like $30. Then of course everyone folds and they slam down aces. It's like... really? Do you hate money or something? You priced everyone out for a few big blinds when you could've stacked someone on later streets. So many players do this; it's so weird.

The spread limit is fine and $1/3 since it's a smaller limit but makes playing anything higher almost pointless unless you've mastered a spread limit strategy like one would a limit strategy.

After playing in there 10 or so times I may just save up and go to Vegas to play real no limit poker. The way it was meant to be played

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ck77 wrote a review about Ameristar Black Hawk in Black Hawk, CO


Zero comps/promos unless you're above the basic level in the players club. Much better comps in neighboring rooms.... Read More