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#1BuckeyeFan wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

Just okay

Aesthetically the room looks great. I like the layout and there is plenty of room between tables but I don’t like the tables themselves. The chairs are comfortable (adjustable height and recline) and are on wheels for easy movement. The tables are similar to the B in that they do not have cup holders and rely on side tables for drinks. This was a major annoyance for me since I had two drinks knocked over by passers-by and several times players would put there drinks on the table itself creating clutter and slowing down the action.

I played three sessions (Friday afternoon, Friday evening and Saturday afternoon) and found the play very soft especially on the Saturday session. I would put it on par with MGM. I had 2-3 quality players at any table; 2-3 goofs and the rest were only competent. Lots of people overplaying TP.

Could be better at controlling the game action. No mistakes and no personality. I will congratulate one dealer who did chastise a player for his slow action as he played with his iPhone. The player got really upset by it but I thought the dealer did exactly what he should have and explained it perfectly to the table.

Servers were very pretty and except for during the start of tournaments came by frequently.

I was very impressed with the staff from the first time I checked in to the last time I cashed out. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. I did reserve my room through them and they (Kathleen) were very helpful with that as well.

$2/hour plus a poker room rate that didn't even require me to have to check in with the poker room before checking out.

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