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nickinreno wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Attention Bellagio Staff: Get Over Yourselves

I never thought I would ever say anything negative about what was once a very enjoyable place to play. Regrettably, the furniture in the room is deteriorating rapidly, with broken chairs (I finally found a chair that wasn't broken, but that was only after I sat in two that were) and tables that are becoming discolored and threadbare. The proximity of the tables to each other and the absence of cupholders are already well-documented.

Most know what they're doing, but inevitably there will be a stray frat boy or drunk to prey on.

It's almost as though they have been expressly ordered to display a snooty demeanor. Sure, there were some noted exceptions (Thank You, Janet), but most are just going through the motions. No mistakes, though.

Nothing special here. Our waitress was quite attractve, but all things considered, the drink service overall was no better than average.

I take a very dim view of any casino host who treats their guests like some sort of intrusion. Maybe if my last name were Hellmuth or Negreanu, I might have gotten treated a little more cordially. It was all I could do to zip it when I wanted to offer a sarcastic apology when I checked in. The gentleman at the front podium looked visibly annoyed when I asked him about the available games. Sorry to have interrupted you, sir.

Apparently, the MGM/Mirage players card that works at other MGM/Mirage properties doesn't work here. Nevertheless, it was my understanding that 4-5 hours there would get you a food stamp to the snack bar nearby. When I asked the floorman about this, he said that this was "at the discretion of the Shift Manager." The Shift Manager has to approve my request for a Reuben Sandwich? Yikes.

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