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small game

It's a small one two game in the back of a casino. Not a lot of action players mostly nitty old men trying to limp... Read More


There's a bunch of plo high 24/7 here. Morning free time. Johnny Chan plays a bunch here and a lot of tv pros play... Read More

not all that impressed

I was out here for the WPT and it was a cluster mother. They didn't have enough staff and couldn't figure out how... Read More

tch is great

The room is clean and the games are good action. They are pretty good about enforcing wsop book rules and I haven't... Read More

worlds best small nlh room

They are only 6 handed no limit Hold’em games and you can't eat at the table cause of the covid rules right now. But.... Read More

great poker comps

I get free hotel rooms on week nights and like 1/2 off or $40-60 rooms on weekends at any ceasars brand casino cause... Read More