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DenverBrian wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

No Longer the Nicest Room in Town

Bellagio's poker tables have officially become an embarrassment. The felt is appallingly worn, and one table had its dealer "bumper" falling off - every half hour the new dealer would knock it off. Many chairs no longer roll properly. With as much rake as this room makes, what is the deal with the disgraceful lack of maintenance?

As more choices in poker rooms propagate the Las Vegas scene, the less experienced players seems to be fanning out into the alternatives. Even at 4-8, play was pretty grindey.

Dealers remain the best in Las Vegas. Always efficient, fast, no errors, no problems with subtle rules or interpretations.

Bellagio stubbornly refuses to reduce the table number in their poker room, so you're constantly bumped by drink servers as they make their rounds - assuming you see them, because they can disappear for up to an hour at a time.

Ralph remains a superb manager - friendly to all, always patient, brimming with hospitality even when rushed. Dan is a 20-something punk that literally sneers at players when they approach the stand. He has absolutely no clue how to provide service - unless you're a 20-something woman, of course.


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