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ItsDosBitch wrote a review about Capri in Webster, TX

Rookie dealers

You guys have been open for a while and nothing but rookie dealers at this place. As a player I shouldn't have to help every @#$% dealer that comes in box. I shouldn't have to make sure the button is pushed after ever hand.
Something that happened a couple times with different dealers which then is a waste of time to figure out.
I get we all have to start somewhere but the basics are still not there for @#$% near all dealers.
You had one good dealer I saw out of the whole dealing staff, which is bad.
Tournament director needs to be more clear and not just place down a rack and walk away.
I was told to move but I didn't even notice because my earphones were on and TD didn't get my attention, just assumed I heard him.
I thought it was for a race off.
He walks away and then I have to get his attention serval time to ask where am I moving to because his instructions where unclear.
Your own dealers playing the tournament break tournament rules and flip over their hand after folding which is ridiculous and there is still action.
If your dealers are going to play tournaments teach them poker etiquette 101.
Again all basics are not covered with dealers on and off the table.
Honestly it's annoying; my second time playing here and dealers continue to make big costly mistakes and do not understand basic tournament rules to call floor and control their tables.
I see why tournaments are canceled at times here because as a player we shouldn't have to constantly help each dealer in the box.

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Saturday Dec 16 @4PM
Play 30 hours to qualify for FREE entry

❤️ NLH $10000
❤️ PLO $6000
❤️ ROE $1000
❤️ see duty floor for more details on BAD BEAT JACKPOT
❤️ Hi/lo halftime 24/7
❤️ Half time $5/hr 8am to NOON
❤️ Free Entry from 3am - Noon
❤️ $40 Buy in time receive $60 in time $100 Buy in time receive $200 in time
❤️ Ages 60+ Non promotional Time purchase of $40 or more always double
❤️ Seniors and Veterans, no Daily Fee

*Tournaments are subject to change if necessary*
*Min 7 players in first 30 mins to start*
We are Hiring for all positions

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