Poker Tables:
2 Tables
Closed (10:00am - TBD)
Minimum Age:
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
10:00am - TBD
adrock wrote a review about Casino Monterey in Marina, CA

Fun Game for Small No-Frills Room

For a small room for locals, the room is mostly what it intends to be. My rating mostly reflects that it's a small rooms (two tables in the corner of the mini casino) with no frills not problems with the poker room itself. Think a well-run McDonald's.

However, I've played in dozens of poker rooms and this room has the WORST dealers I've ever seen. I saw more mistakes (incorrectly calling the the winning hand, failure to make change) in an hour here than three days in Las Vegas. Worst issue was a hand where a player bet $40 on the flop, was raised all-in, folded and took his bet back. They called the floor who looked at the video and sorted it out, but this shouldn't have had to go to the floor or video but the dealer wasn't paying attention. In addition, dealers made a number of mechanical mistakes -- not protecting the muck, pushing the pot AFTER mucking the winning hand, puling lives hands away from players. Gave them 2 stars because they were polite, friendly, and kept the game moving.

Management got me seated right away. They have a unique straddle rule that really should be explained to anyone who isn't an obvious regular. From what I can tell, players can post a blind pre-flop bet from anywhere on the table, however the bet just has to be as much as the big blind (really a half-straddle) and action starts UTG not after the straddle. People regularly straddled for $3-5 though I expect there's not a limit. This is probably a good rule for gambling and getting action, but confusing and often slows the game down as the "bring in" can be $3, $6, $8, or $10.

Best part is that the players are there to have fun and many are pretty bad at poker. The typical buy in is only $100 and people will rebuy for another $100 or whatever cash they have on hand. While the game is technically short stacked (30 BB), people play pre-flop like they're deep, making it an easy game to beat if your hands hold up.

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