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dunbarscot wrote a review about Champions Club in Houston, TX

bad woke corporate staff, horribad games

Staff are leftovers from the WSOP circuit events. In other words, the bottom of the barrel in the industry. Terrible communication skills. Cant build a rapport with potential customers. They put dealers in the box who cant deal Omaha or read the board when there's an Omaha hand per round. I only ever saw totally incompetent dealers like this before at the Pavilion Room during the WSOP.
Their corporate background with its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion brain-rot means not only are they woke, they even impose this garbage on players: a bad fit for Houston anyways as well as just ridiculous.
Games can be all or almost all house props because they cant get a game going and want to post a running game on Atlas as bait. They play typically weak-tight like the bad props they are, but experienced players know that a game propped by a group of friends is just a way to get best-hand colluded against, even if it's unintentional.
Funny how they add the name of Texas to their logo: Champions Texas when they aren't from Texas, ownership is out of California, staff are not Texans and they clearly don't understand Texas or Texas poker.
Agree with previous review that the first reviews here are obv written by house shills, they read like advertisements, not like the authentic fawning praise of actual customers imo.
Everything about this place is unauthentic and dishonest, i wouldn't put it past them to spam their own reviews. If so, if that's not a violation of Atlas' terms of services, it oughta be.

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Announcements from Champions Club

Sunday March 3rd
$15K GTD Sunday Showdown
$150 buy in 25K starting stack
$100 one time (any time) add for 25K

$200 Morning High Hands

Hot Seat Drawings Daily
Draw a green ball. You can win $300, $200, $100, Swag, $25 food voucher, or a free night in the hotel.

Play 8 hours of live poker in a 24 hour period and qualify for a free hotel room.
Play 40 hours of live poker in a week and get 1 free night plus a $50 food voucher.

Thursday Night is Chess Night!!!
Every Thursday at 6:30pm
Casual Games
Great Food
Drink Specials

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