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15 Tables
Daily: 11am-1am
Carter327 wrote a review about Chasers in Salem, NH


Understanding.... A term which may relate to our awareness, empathy, comprehension etc. I consider myself a fairly understanding individual. Whether it be the ability to grasp a particular concept, or accept any result/action for which there is even the slightest justification. I am familiar with the general protocol which most gambling establishments choose to follow. Am able to accept the fact that not all regulations are to be written and or followed at all times. Quite often variance does incur and is required in order to maintain the efficiency of an operation. Just have to be honest in regards to my most recent trip to Chasers.... I would first like to say that I love the game. Win or lose, i appreciate that there are venues where we can find excitement and still be courteous to one another. Im a poker player, I'll be back, what else am I going to do?? Pardon me, as far as today.... And this is Chef, just so the man with whom I spoke today knows I am not trying to hide behind a website etc. Hello. I did register prior to arrival today. Understand completely that you folks are crushed, very nice place. Upon arrival I was told that I was #31. Have the app to monitor; they do send texts once your spot is up. Stepped out; returned an hour later. I had been bumped DOWN several spots from the previous hour. No worries, stuff happens. Following several courteous inquiries + FOUR AND A HALF HOURS, I was informed that I had only moved up ONE SPOT. Come on now.... I glanced at the tables and there had been a substantial turnover in players. Im not saying most, however, I am fairly observant; it is easy to notice when a fair amount of players have left/moved seats/been replaced. I would have been able to accept this if the gentleman was initially honest. You don't actively monitor the list, so as to make it easier to provide regulars with partial treatment. There, it is not difficult to comprehend or to accept. Please just tell me this. Hey, I'm ok if someone hands me a big red wig, rubber shoes, and declares that I am a complete clown. One whose sole purpose for the day is to provide entertainment and bring laughter. This I would have been perfectly willing to accept, I do look to make the most out of opportunity.

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Announcements from Chasers Poker Room


1pm to 10pm
$1,000 per hour High Hands

1pm to 10pm
$400 High Hands with $400 Rolloing High Hands

$300 High Hands every half hour
AAA/KK to qualify.
$300 rolls to next half hour if not hit

All Quadzilla hands $2,500!

Open to midnight 7 days a week!
$100 daily increase per hand

**Royal Treatment**
Flopped Royals $1,000
Turn or River Royals $500
(Omaha eligible for half of both amounts)

**25k Hold'em Chase**
Weekly Hand Reductions

**10k Omaha chase**
Weekly Hand Reductions

**See Website for full details**

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