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15 Tables
Open Now (11:00am - 1:00am)
Minimum Age:
11:00am - 1:00am
11:00am - 1:00am
11:00am - 1:00am
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LostCustomer wrote a review about Chasers in Salem, NH

Disapointing - Find another place to play

After playing blackjack here for a little more than 9 months, this is what I have experienced:

1. All to frequently I have a winning hand the dealer passes me up and does not pay. I have to point out that I have a winning hand so that I will be paid. Additionally, many times they have taken my chips and I had a push or win. Again, you have to point it out to them. They act like it was no big deal.... cheating players is a big deal. It happens so frequently that it is not an accident.

2. You can play two hands at a time. Many times, I have had a blackjack with one hand (playing 2 hands) and the dealer pays my blackjack and takes my cards. I take my winnings and leave my bet for the next hand. The dealer completes the hand and I win with my second hand and the dealer pays both hands. So, I get paid 1.5 times for the blackjack and a second time of $10.00 when there are no cards in front of my money. I have pointed out this error so many times to dealers that I have stopped doing so and take the money.

3. You can play a "sucker bet" along with your blackjack hand. Too often you win, and the dealer fails to see it. Many times, the other players or I must point out that I have won. The dealer thinks its no big deal not to see the win. As a player I think cheating the players is a big deal. I bet the gaming commission would agree with me.

4. They only have 2 blackjack tables and frequently there is a waiting list to play. I was second in line on the waiting list to play blackjack and a chair opens. The pit boss allows someone who is not even on the list to sit down and play, passing up the 2 of us on the waiting list. When I point this out to the pit boss’s attention he said, " he is already seated, I can't make him get up” That is funny, I have seen you make other people get up several times before. No problem, I can play 4-5 time a week at another casino.

5. On Friday and Saturday nights you will wait 2 hours or more for a chance to play blackjack. Some nights you are not able to get a seat for blackjack.

6. I don't play poker so I can't comment on the poker games. They alway have a large group of people playing poker.

This place is typically over crowded.

Smokers stand in front of the front door and smoke. You have to walk in between them to enter the building. Nothing I like better than breathing cancer causing smoke.

Most staff members are very nice, a few of them have the typical MA attitude.

I no longer go here.

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Announcements from Chasers Poker Room


High hands 7 days a week!

Early Bird High Hand Special
$500 *one payout

12pm to 8pm
$1,500 per hour High Hands

Mystery High Hands
1pm to 10pm
Minimum payout $500
Top payout $2,000

1pm to 10pm
$300 High Hands every hour for each game
Hold'em and Omaha

1pm to 10pm
$300 per hour High Hands
+$200 Royal Progressive
Increases by $200 each hour its not hit
Rolls to the following Wednesday if not hit

Bigger is Better High Hands
1pm to 10pm
Full House $500
Quads $750
Straight Flush $1,000
Royal $2,000

Rolling High Hands
1pm to 10pm
$400 per hour High Hands
$400 rollover each hour the highest hand is not beat.
Rollover resets at 6pm

1pm to 10pm
$400 High Hands every half hour
AAA/KK to qualify
$400 rolls to next half hour if not hit

Open to midnight 7 days a week
All hands will start at $1,000 on Dec 1st

-$50 daily increase per hand
-All hands reset at $500 when hit
-Omaha eligable for half of the posted amount

Also Available
10k Chase
5k Omaha Chase
Royal Treatment

**See Website for full details

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