SteveS4755 wrote a review about Cheers in Salem, NH

Work to be done

Dropped in a weekend or two back hoping to get a quick seat. Saw a few FB posts about no waiting and such. Past visits saw only 1 maybe 2 short tables running so figured a seat would be there. 2 full tables were running, wait list of 4 people which was ok. Had to search the room for someone to put me on list, no one was at the station by the door. List wasn't moving so tried to pass time at table games. Few mishaps by staff on three card poker and not knowing the rules behind what a qualifying hand was and what happens if dealer doesn't qualify. Pretty solid turn off having to have discussions about the rules when they are printed on the felt. After about 45 minutes gave up waiting for a seat. No seats opened and a new table was not offered while I was there. Went over to cage to cash out and the staff member in the cage wasn't even in what I'd call a uniform. Not the end of the world but it helps the place to look the part if every one is dressed. Was hoping for an alternative to the room down the road which was running full the handful of times I tried to play but the feel just isn't there.
Maybe things will change down the line and some improvements will come about but for now it's a pass.

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