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10:00am - 4:00am
fkpoker wrote a review about Ebro Poker Room in Ebro, FL

Not worth my time. Poor treatment from management (rude)

Nothing much to say. One of the poorer experiences I had. If I rate my regular poker room 30/30, this is a 5/30 if I'm being generous. Pokeratlas says 25 tables but the highest I saw in 4 days was 3 running tables with one not even 8 handed. Just drive an hour extra and improve your experience by at least 5 times.

I was on the transfer list and I left the table so I asked management to take me off the transfer list and put me on the wait list. The guy looked like he just woke up and showed up to work and had no idea where he was at and just said "Okay I got you" I come back later asking what is taking so long and he said that I got taken off the transfer list because I left the table and that I wasn't on any other list. I didn't want to argue with them because I could sense that he was getting mad and I didn't want to create a problem so I said that I'd just wait.

A while later, one of those guys came to me and said that they had a seat available so I went ahead and took the seat, got dealt a premium the first hand and was waiting for action to get to me when a floorman comes up to me and says that he made a mistake and skipped a guy on the list and that I'd have to give up my seat.

Generally the staff wasn't very nice across the few days I spent here besides a select few.

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