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NicoleCC2 wrote a review about Empire in Houston, TX


I've been coming to Empire for quite some time now. I've known a few of the floor managers from other places and I get along with everyone pretty good but I just really needed to rave about Robert. He's always been the best dressed floor manager for sure ,presents himself very well. Always professional & respectful. I've always see him remain calm even when there's players who get out of line or talking crazy to him or the person next to them. Robert has been always been able to handle the situation, keep the peace and provide excellent customer service. That's important in a place filled w/all types of personalities and people being drunk or up for days etc. There are a lot of floor managers who will just jump in the hype and cause a bigger scene. Robert's the kind of floor manager you want when you're there playing for your money. This review though is to express my gratitude for the night Robert showed me how great of a person he was and not just a great floor manager. He looked out for me telling me when I should get up and go but I didn't listen. I ended up making the mistake of putting myself in a bigger bind than just losing my money. I had ABSOLUTELY no way home, it was 6 a.m., I live an hour away, I need an Uber and was out of options. I've never had to ask anyone to help me like this before especially because it wasn't a $5 or $10 ride nearby. The usual cost is around $60 but at 6 a.m. the prices go up so to get home was going to cost me $88. I felt embarrassed to even have to ask but I ended up approaching Robert and let him know my situation. Although I regularly go there I'm still just a customer & ultimately a stranger asking him to pay almost $100 to get me home. He didn't make me feel bad at all for asking and most importantly he didn't brush me off or tell me to go ask everyone else first just to get out of helping me. Everyone in this lifestyle knows somebody wants something for something especially being a woman surrounded by men if you ask for something they would expect more. He saved my @#$% !!! Got me home and paid for my Uber that was almost $100 out of his own pocket. I would have missed work and not even been able to pick up my kids in the morning cuz if I'm being honest I would have never called anyone in my family to tell him I was stranded at a poker room. I hope whoever reads this reads it all the way through, Empire is lucky to have such a good man running their games and someone who is trustworthy. Thank you Robert so very much I almost reached the max amount of words allowed in this review and still I could say more to express my gratitude that he was the floor manager, because in that situation I was so worried and embarrassed & without hesitation he did this!

Food and Drink

Announcements from Empire Poker Club

Empire Poker Club: The friendliest game in town!!!!!

Bad Beat Jackpot over 12k!!!!

OPEN 24 hours give us a call 832-709-3076
NO MEMBERSHIP OR TIME fee for all players.
On the Flop Jackpots paid daily!

Bad Beat Jackpot
Over 12k for holdem
4k for Omaha

Free food & drinks!
For cash game players
Daily Tournaments.
24 Hours armed security
Beautiful game girls.

For May

Daily Turbos starting at 12pm.
$750 Gtd

Monday 7pm
$1500 freeroll RoE

Tuesday 7pm
$1500 freeroll

Wednesday 7pm
$2000 gtd NLH freeroll

Thursday 7pm
$1500 gtd nlh freeroll

Friday 6pm
$1500 gtd, bombpot freeroll

$3000 gtd NLH Saturday night special, freeroll

$1500 gtd win the button freeroll.

All the local sports on the TVs

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