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Superknit1337 wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA

Get Ready to gamble

It's a very good poker room with TV's on all the walls, bar, behind the floor, etc..

The dealers are very good (mostly) and they manage the players and pace very well. The floor do a good job despite it being a very loud room with 12 tables running when I was there. All the limits are available to suit your taste and you have your usual mix of player types.

The promos are the best if you are looking for high hands, Monte Carlo, bad beat but we warned - promos encourage people to play any suited cards, pocket pairs, so you may not get anyone to fold to your pocket A's. Because of that, it is like a lottery where you are really gambling more than playing poker. Be prepared to gamble! Be prepared for some many going to the river to hit their high hand!

The food was great and are half off for poker players; Asian dishes were fabulous and I enjoyed them - the bar was clean and bartender did a good job as well.

I would come again, but be careful, cause if you don't hit and gamble, you will slowly get blinded out.

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Bodey wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA


They don't allow the word @#$%. Staff is over zealous grumpy/over worked. Players are meh. Food is great. Speed... Read More