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aslachiewicz wrote a review about Hard Rock Tampa in Tampa, FL

Comfortable feeling

Stopped by a couple weeks ago on a Friday night for a 1/2 session. Overall really great experience, the place was clean and very comfortable. The play was pretty sloppy all around. Old guys throwing away a lot of money.. for example: I was sitting late middle position with AQoff and older gentleman sitting 1+UTG wearing about 6 rings and tons of gold jewelry (obv wanted to show he had some disposable income) raised 3 pots in a row and so when i reraised him to $50 with my AQ, he reraised practically putting me all in for $235.. he flips over 10 3 off - spikes a 10 and is good. Anyways, play solid tight poker with large hands and you are almost always good to come out ahead here. At the higher stakes it seemed like there was some really solid play with some notable faces. The dealers never mis-dealed or screwed up in anyway, the pit bosses were around when ever an issue arose. Fun place to spend a night playing poker.

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Dino555 wrote a review about Hard Rock Tampa in Tampa, FL


My first time here and I found it to be a nice experience The staff was friendly and helpful The room was clean... Read More