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POKERSOLDIER007 wrote a review about Harrah's Ak-Chin in Maricopa, AZ


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of POKERATLAS FANS: Hello all you fine and degenerate poker playing maniacs. This is my review of HARRAHS JOLIET IL. I give it 4 outta 5 stars. It is one of my favorite places to play low and mid stakes cash games. You may find yourself playing a really tight and selective table or a wild loose agro nutty table depending on the times of days or nights. I am comfortable playing in either or. I had my shares of amazing runs and rushes of taking my $100 buy in at the $1-$2 games and having that turn into over $750 in a night and also had some nice doubleups here and there... But unfortunately I had some serious leaks to my games as well and suffered some losses and losing streaks. I am also striking out on the tournaments they offer too... I remember cashing out in a number of them last year and years before. I would love to get to my winning ways back, but I found the skill levels and playing styles of the players there increased much more than a few years ago! All the dealers are very very very excellent in the ways they deal. Most of them are friendly, some quiet and focused... but overall they all good. Fine and pretty waitresses work there too. Some old, some young and restless... They do an alright job, but a bit on slow side since I believe they are understaffed too. I find it odd and amusing that they have ROCKSTAR ENERGY GIRLS some pretty and slim sexy, some chunky monkey ladies... but they deal quite swiftly and do a fine job. Its odd and amusing they advertise ROCKSTAR ENERGY drinks, but do not serve those drinks! Gotta get RED BULL instead! So that's that everybody! Go play at Harrahs and try not to blow your entire bankroll in chasing the seemingly impossible BadBeat Jackpot that never seems to hit. Have fun, hopefully cash out at a profit and enjoy thyselves when gaming there, losing or winning! Have a nice rest of your days and nights! Sincerely POKERSOLDIER007

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