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2Hotti wrote a review about Ho-Chunk Nekoosa in Nekoosa, WI


This is a very well run poker room with friendly dealers & can host 5 tables when necessary or three tables with some nice leather sofa furniture for waiting area. Free soda, snack bar, steak house with bar on site. No Hotel on site - 5-15 minutes to local hotels
Call ahead to sign up (1 hour to get there)
Poker Room points can be converted to use at the on site Gas Station.
I play this card room at least once a week & here is current player traffic:

- 1/2 ($300 max buy-in) cash game starts mid afternoon. This game breaks when the tourney starts and due to the 2-5 (below) Game does not start back up.

- $45 bounty ($5EA) tourney @ 6:45 - been getting 30 to 40 runners paying 5 places ($100 to $500) usually ends in some type of chop before midnight

- 2/5 ($500 max buy-in) cash game that's plays big and runs into the am...however there are 11 or 12 regulars that play religiously and you may be waiting quite awhile to get in. The house is also more lax governing this game (swearing, players in & not in the hand talking in multi-way pots, run it twice, borrowing money among each other) so you may steer clear if these are issues for you.

- 1/2 ($300 max buy-in) cash game starts at around 5pm and gets a 2nd feeder table going until around midnight. The main game can last until 3:45 last hand

- 2/5 ($500 max buy-in) cash game starts around 5pm - same game, same people, same everything as Wednesdays.

- Always a tourney starting at around 2:15PM bounty ($10) $90 to $335 buy-in getting 20 to 40 runners. Larger buy-ins get less runners. $1,250 to $2,500 ish payouts for 1st place - usually ending with some type of chop around 9-11 pm
- 1/2 Cash Game ($300 max buy-in) possibly starting before tourney and running close to closing.
-2/5 Cash Game - I believe the same WED FRI game has been running frequently and past midnight.

This is a small, well run card room with fun, friendly dealers who treat their players well. It's a little cramped when you have to get up & they let a little more go than they should sometimes in the interests of being a "player friendly" card room.

Cash games would be classed as "loose, like to take flops, not folding to big bets, don't mind playing big pots" type of game.

Nikolas Stone, who took 2nd in the 2012 WSOP National Championship and won $257,119 is a reg in the 2/5 cash game and plays the larger buy-in Saturday tourneys. He is widely & proudly considered the unofficial in-house pro by the other players. Senior Writer & WSOP Bracelet winner Chad Holloway occasionally plays the larger buy-in Saturday tournaments.

A "must stop" if you like to play poker & are in the area on the days this card room has games going.

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