Poker Tables:
4 Tables
Closed (4:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
4:00pm - TBD
zingbust wrote a review about Hon-Dah Casino in Pinetop, AZ

Nice and comfortable

The schedule for Wednesday's 6pm tourney is all wrong on PokerAtlas. Instead of a $40 buyin for 4K chips and $10 addon on for 8K more, it's a straight $40 buyin for only 2K chips and a total crapshoot structure.
Also, a dealer grouched at me for correcting him on a rule when a player put out 1.5 times the amount of a call and instead of being forced to minraise, the dealer ruled it a call and tossed the extra back to him. I was nice about telling him the real rule , but he was grouchy at me and insisted the rule was that it was only a call.

Otherwise, I give the place a 4 out of 5 because the friendliness of the floorwoman, and the very relaxed attitude of the players. Also, there's free coffee and a water cooler right there. A few steps outside the poker room is a self-serve beverage center where you can get fresh coffee and 5 brands of soda.

There's a great music lounge with a good band and good dance floor. All the Apache Indians were friendly and great people.

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