sodbuster33922 wrote a review about Lake of the Torches in Lac Du Flambeau, WI

A Sad Little Room

I visit the Lac Du Flambeau Casino when I vacation in northern Wisconsin. The poker room is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then only for limited hours. You have to sign up in person at 7:00 AM on Thursdays in order to play in the 2:00 PM 1-2 no limit game. Usually there is only one table so it can be tough to get on the table. There is a Thursday 6 PM tournament, and the cash game sometimes get shut down because they don't have enough dealers. Friday the room doesn't deal a game until 6 PM. Not sure why, but don't dare ask them because you will be told to go to another poker room if you don't like the way they do things. there are one or two dealers that are capable and the rest are very weak. If an issue arises, neither the dealer or the floor person(usually a blackjack pit employee) knows what to do. Also many strange rules. For one, to receive a $30 free play bonus for quads, you must show down the hand. If you bet and your opponent folds, you don't get the bonus free play money. So you are required to slow play your big hand, and even check when last to act with quads! Comps are 10 cents an hour!

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