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DonMoselysHappy wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Aftermath of the botched robbery - An honest review from a PLO player

I'd like to give the fans an honest review. Aren't y'all tired of all the fake accounts from 101 and Prime employees giving trash reviews that aren't true?

1. has some shady stuff in his past, true, but he is running the best games in Houston and giving players a fair rate unlike Prime which was greedy as @#$% when they were the place to go. Still a much better person than (known scammer) and (who walked away from his customers - kudos to the new buyer for paying out the outstanding chips and honoring time).
2. Play here at your own risk as the area is garbage and at night you are at risk of being robbed in the parking lot or followed home. Security in the parking lot is decent but 100 yards away there is a store where a lot of derelicts hang out and the closer you park to it the more you are at risk. Valet is definitely a must if you play after dark. Those that post about how 101 is a lot safer are just shills. Never really felt/feel comfortable at either venue which are both in bad locations right near each other.
3. Food prices keep rising and it's just not that good. They do allow you to bring food in. Uber Eats delivers here as well.
4. PLO games are off the chains. Action, action, action. No better PLO games in the country. 1/3 PLO is printing money. Bigger games you do have to navigate some good pros, but still beatable if you are a decent player.
5. Reviews about players speaking other languages often during hands are true. Spanish and Vietnamese spoken between players often. If you are going to play here it is just something you are going to have to accept.
6. Most of the "house" players that get complained about on here early and often are for the most part horrible players and welcome at my table anytime. They do allow for games to get started which helps this place a lot. Other places should consider getting "props" like they have here and in California to get games started and running.
6. The best place to play in Houston if you want action.

In short, the action and rate to play is great which are the two most important considerations for me so I give them 3 out of 5 stars. Location is horrible and food is not great which pings a couple stars. Still the best place to play PLO if that is your game as most of the other venues have trouble getting more than 1 table going.

Sincerely, DonMoselysHappy

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