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sc21 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

best PLO poker room in texas, nay, in the WORLD !!

if you want plo action Legends got the most plo tables in the WORLD. no place in the world has this many 1/3 plo games than Legends nearly all year round.
sure it's not in the best neighborhood, not best food or service, not best dealers/players as far as professionalism, but who cares!!
people complaining about bad, inappropriate behaviors by players (speaking non-english or even semi-angle-shooting...mainly bc they are amateurs and beginners) or dealers(ex. allowing rabbit-hunting) are missing the most important aspects of poker--action, fun, making money, and more action.
i thought we play poker to make money. it's true, Legends doesnt run the poker room perfectly but no poker room does. in fact, some vegas rooms are too strict w/ their rules and favor dealers too much, making players unwelcome. for example a floorperson at aria kicked out a drunk player at my table for no serious reason (he wasnt loud or disruptive but the floor didnt want to argue about some mistake the dealer made. the games became less fun and less profitable after he left).
Legends runs the poker room like we are living in a free country like U.S.A. Legends staffs are tolerant of some temporary misbehaviors by players b/c they understand that when we are on tilt, drunk, or losing money, we might get rude, loud, and insulting. Legends floorperson may send that player home if he is too disruptive but would welcome him back the next day. they dont act butt-hurt like some floor persons in las vegas poker rooms! Cheyenne the curly hair floorperson is imo the best floor person ive seen in my 20 years of playing poker.
i dont work for Legends and dont know the owners but all i want is a good action plo poker room and this is the best in the world.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Legends Poker Room

Win a seat to the WSOP MAIN EVENT!
+ each hour of NLH live action earns a point
+ top 45 players in points earned qualify

Hourly High Hand Bonus
6pm - 2am
Spin the wheel to win

Current Bad Beat Jackpots
NLH 10,700
PLO $8000
⭐️DOUBLE NLH jackpot⭐️
5pm - midnight

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beast1996 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX


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