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Ejones68 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Feels like another scam...

I think this club is setting a bad standard for all the poker social club in Houston. I guess coming from David La is no surprise. They are copying exactly 101 Poker next to them. No originality whatsoever. They promised a $50k tourney for player's appreciation but of course it never happened. Now the car and they are giving it out (if they do) on the same day as 101 Poker who has been giving now their 2nd car. I don't know who is partnering up with this guy David La but nothing is ever good when I hear his name. For a club to be shot at that many times, people must really hate him or he's done a lot of bad things. I guess it will be a matter of time someone will get hurt playing at this bad energy room. Not worth my life playing there...

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Announcements from Legends Poker Room

PLO $17,000
NLH $20,000

Win a new Mercedes Benz!
Saturday, July 1st!
Each hour of play earns a ticket for a chance
to play our PLO double board bomb pot sweat
table for a Mercedes Benz!
Triple tickets earned 7pm-7am!

🤗🤗 ALL $1-$3 games only $7/hr! 🤗🤗

All members playing between
10am and 1pm
$1-3 games

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beast1996 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX


Avoid this place at all cost. The owners and management are scammers and will cheat you out of your money. Elite... Read More

Paulk1974 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Great Room

Well run poker room, very attentive staff, great action on the 1/3 NLH table. My first time here, will definitely go... Read More

chavez wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Simply Not Safe

I don't know how people keep going to this poker room. The 101 Next door is much better and somehow much safer,... Read More

WinThief wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

what the @#$%

Another shooting? This place has decent dealers but house players try to tag team in in PLO games. I don't run it... Read More

Maddog1 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX


Again this Saturday 07/23 bullets flying. I was playing right by the bathroom and suddenly heard gun shots everyone... Read More

Ethabarber wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

@#$% room

Please people.. understand what's happening in the Houston poker scene. Everyone already knows about the problems... Read More