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Shezz wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Horrible place

This place claims to have many tables open but it's just a dealer sitting there with no players. They rush you to a table to sit down and clock you in before you're ready. The owner is just plan rude and disrespectful. Many times I have seen him throw cards at the dealers and even grab them. As well he yells at players and employees in front of everyone. There are so many house players there. They win a hand then get up from the table alot of times until they can leave it. The kitchen is so disgusting. I have heard employees talk that their shoes stick to the floor. The food quality is poor due to the cleanliness. When the attempted robbery happened that left the club with 17 bullet holes in the wall, the guy came right through the back door from the kitchen. All of their security is in the front. The cooks were smoking next to the door and the guy just walked right in with an AR15. Then the drive by shooting happened which I was there for. They even were trying to get players to stay and play by closing the cage window. There has been 3 shootings outside the which one had a murder in the parking lot. And now it has no A/C. They put up some faces and small wall units and says it's fixed. Over all they lie they cheat and steal. You are better going to any other club than this one.

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Served 6 am - 9 am daily.

(w/ proof of employment)

⭐️⭐️♥️♠️ $50,000 ♣️♦️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Member Appreciation
FREEROLL Tournament
We had so much fun, we are doing it again!!!!
Top 200 point holders qualify.
Earn 1 point per paid time hour played.
Double Points Midnight to 10am
Tournament date & time TBA.

🍻🍷Happy Hour Noon -7PM🍷🍻
$3 beer, wine, and well drinks!

Seniors, First Responders, & Vets 100% time match, $20 minimum.

All members playing between
10am and 1pm
($1-$3 games)

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gun shooting

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