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forgotaboutbre wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Not coming back until security is vastly improved

I've never felt safe playing at Legends.

Security has been absolute crap at Legends since opening day. It's been a mark waiting to happen and it still is. It's so obvious how poor security has been / is at Legends.

Everybody got extremely lucky on Sunday night. There could have easily been 2-10 people leaving in body bags.

Other issues:

- Valet leaves way too early (1:00-1:30 am) and leaves my car parked waaaay in the back. Sometimes I am accosted by homeless people while looking for my car. I park valet for security purposes and end up searching for my car in a parking lot with no security patrol at the end of the night. That's BS.

- Management / Dealers are not in control of the game. It's pretty much a free-for-all anything goes atmosphere. Get ready for plenty of angles and foreign languages spoken at the table. Management is absolutely garbage, it's obvious they don't care. If there is any sort of policy, there is literally zero policy enforcement.

- Worst venue ever. It's tiny and cramped. The patio is way too small. The bathroom is way too small. The paint job is gross. The whole room is getting pretty nasty.

- Food prices just went up AND they reduced the portion sizes. I used to get a full plate of fried rice, now I get a 1/2 a plate and the other 1/2 is decorated with useless garnish. Who wants tomato and lettuce with their fried rice? Wtf is that all about?

I seriously hope all the action switches back to the old 88 venue (now 101). New management at 101 takes security seriously the same way 88 did. 101 still has all of the same legit security dudes. 3 patrolling the parking lot, 1 at the door, and 1 inside.

I love the action at Legends but it is not worth my life. I will not return to Legends unless the issues I mentioned have been addressed. Management must show that they are serious about providing a safe environment for players.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Legends Poker Room

Player Appreciation
Free Entry Tournament
earn an entry for each 100 hours played
Feb 12th - April 30th
NLH/PLO with bomb pot
Tournament begins May 5th.
Schedule released May 1st.

Hourly High Hand Bonus
6pm - 2am
Spin the wheel to win

Current Bad Beat Jackpots
NLH $7,200
PLO $11,600

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