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SHOTSfiredd wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

time to dodge bullets

If you want to literally dodge bullets, best room in town! 2 shootings in the last 4 months (same odds as a 1 outer!!) and robberies every other day. Thank you to the scumbag ownership especially David for putting a room in the middle of the ghetto with basically zero security to protect the players. Security guard doesn't even check bags when you go in... pretty sure they are instructed to just wave people by even after the first shooting they did NOTHING!! No real security outdoors plus they started charging for valet and the valet goes home leaving players high and dry late at night when we are most vulnerable!!

No enforcement of actual rules in the poker games either. Players conversing in foreign languages during hands, abusive behavior right and left, and the owner David walks around cursing at staff and players and randomly makes up his own rules like he thinks he's a KING.

If you want to risk your life every time you play poker this is the BEST ROOM IN TOWN!!

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Win a seat to the WSOP MAIN EVENT!
+ each hour of NLH live action earns a point
+ top 45 players in points earned qualify

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Current Bad Beat Jackpots
NLH 10,700
PLO $8000
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5pm - midnight

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Very plain

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beast1996 wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX


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