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DonMoselysHappy wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

Updated review on the scene at Legends

Hello fellow poker friends, here is your semi-annual update on Legends:

* The AC is still out. They have some fans set up but since it is hot as h.. in Houston this time of year you still sweat your balls off
* Safety continues to be the #1 issue of players. They don't even scan people in at the front anymore so anyone can come in. Security barely checks you when you come through the scanner. Only 1 security guard out front and he basically sits there all day just talking to the valet guy that cones off all the front spaces. The open ones are far away from the door so you are taking a risk with your life to park there and get to and from your car
* Night games have really slowed so all the recent incidents of robberies and shootings have had an impact on their games after dark. People are finally wising up that you are risking your life to play here after dark
* rates have been raised now on the 1/3/6 PLO which is now $15 an hour, same as 5/5/10 PLO. Tangible benefit is now the owner doesn't seem to be shilling constantly for players to move from 1/3/6 to 5/5/10.
* Even worse the buy $100 - get $100 time match has been ended. They will now give you $20 ($120 total when you buy time). Now there really isn't a reason to play here over other safer places. Have already seen a slow down in their games and several players have said once their time runs out they are going elsewhere. Good opportunity for other places to pick up some players/games.
* The Hi/Lo game has moved to Best Poker. Been getting 2 tables a day. Legends has lost this business.
* Food continues to be crappy. They do let you bring outside food in which is a plus. Would never recommend anyone eat there.
* Plan to move before the end of the year to former strip club at Greenridge and Richmond. Even worse parking situation there. Very small lot but with reduced number of players they are losing may not matter.
* Gave 2 stars instead of 1 because some of the house players continue to donate on a daily basis.

There is your update everyone. Have a nice day! Happy Don

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Announcements from Legends Poker Room

PLO $16,200
NLH $19,800

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Each hour of play earns a ticket for a chance
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Triple tickets earned 7pm-7am!

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All members playing between
10am and 1pm
$1-3 games

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