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GeorgiaPokerGuy wrote a review about LKQ in Buford, GA

Rowland16 不不不

@#$% bro!! Why not say something to me when we're there instead of coming on here like some little gossipy middle school girl? Then I could explain to your ignorant @$$ that I suffer from chronic lung scarring brought on by an aggressive form of RA. That means it's hard for me to breathe sometimes (especially when the air gets drier) and I can't catch my breath, causing me to cough.

But here's an idea: if you're so worried about being out in public with people coughing, I suggest you play at home on Poker Bros or move to California where they force everyone to wear masks.

As far as Covid goes, I'm happy to let you know that I am fully vaccinated and boostered. I have my temperature checked about 30 times a week because I'm in and out of hospitals so often working. But since I'm also a Jew by birth, perhaps you would like me to put a little patch on my arm displaying my status like the Nazis used to make us do back in the old days. Would that satisfy your fragile disposition??

Keep in mind, I'm more than happy to meet and talk this over in know...."old man" to whatever you long as you're not frightened by me breathing on you. If you are, I'll be glad to bring you some masks and hand sanitizer.

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Open Sunday - Thursday 12PM to 2AM, Friday - Saturday 12PM - 3AM. Happy Hour 12PM to 4PM every day.

$500 PLO8 Monster Stack Tournament 6/24 thru 6/26
Freedom Bash II coming July 14th thru July 25th

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