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MackOnNoun wrote a review about Magic City Casino in Miami, FL

Racist Miserable Regs

I've been playing live poker in the state of Florida for over 10 years. I've visited nearly every room in the state. I am passionate about poker rooms. Getting the chance to check out a room I've never been to is always a treat.

With that being said, I'd love to take this time and tell you all a story about my visit to the Magic City Casino today. As a white 28 year old male absolute crusher. (over 2k hours logged 11 BB/hr 2/5)

It all started with the first hand. I sat down as a previous hand was finishing up. As the dealer begins preparing for the next hand, the table informs me that "we're all straddling" they may/or may not have said the word "mandatory".

I respectfully declined.

But they insisted that I straddle. So I look at the dealer and asked "Can I buy in for $1000?"

The reason I ask this is simple: If we're going to do the mandatory straddle thing, might as well allow me to come in for 100BB. I'm not interested otherwise.

The dealer said no. I made myself clear, I wasn't budging. I'm not straddling. They were NOT happy that I didn't fall in line.

So, what happens next, is absolutely hilarious. 3 (or 4) of the players at the table sit out in "protest". They all stand up, walk away, and chit chat. Our game of course, is now playing 4 handed, while there's a very long list of players waiting.

Sure enough, about 8 minutes passes and all of the players return.

So, some key take-aways for management.

#1.) Protests aren't really a thing in public games, the fact that these players felt like this was appropriate behavior speaks volumes
#2.) Your regulars know what time-rake is, right? Like. These pathetic poor regs could always open up a private game. This way they can ensure no white people join! Educate your regulars about their options regarding time rake, as to not scare off tourists who walk into a racist pit.
#3.) 500 cap 2/5, make it 1k or 1.5k and this whole situation is avoided
#4.) Spanish at the table. Really? Like. Between dealers & players, so unacceptable.

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