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Poker_Traveler wrote a review about MGM National in Oxon Hill, MD

Great for Poker, Bad for Service, Horrible bathrooms


- Good action
- Good cash game max buyin limits
- Good Dealers and Poker Staff

- The worst bathrooms of any casino I've ever been in. I've seen cleaner bathrooms in low-end restaurants in third-world countries. MGM has special "artistic" urinals in the men's bathroom which cause customers to pee all over the floor. There is no permanent bathroom staff like in MD Live, so the urine puddles become very large. Even when the cleaning person is in the bathroom, many times they just look at the urine puddles without cleaning them. Be prepared to leave the bathroom with urine on your shoes.

- Coffee and drink service in the morning is terrible. Be prepared to walk to the restaurants if you don't want to wait over an hour to get coffee.

- Rake is OK, but the extra $2 for promotions is very high. They can take up to $7.00 from the pot ($5 rake plus $2 for promotions).

- Hard to use comps. Unlike MD live where the restaurants can take comps from your card without you having to do anything special, at MGM, you have to wait in like to have a floor person "put" your comps from your account onto your card. The comps are for a specific amount and for a specific restaurant. If you go down to the restaurant and you put too little comps on your card, you have to pay the rest in cash. If you transfer too much comp money to your card, you can't get the comps back, so you have to do some close calculations to make sure you don't go over by too much. Also, you can't change the restaurant once they put the comps for it. If you change your mind once you get downstairs and want to go to a different restaurant, you have to go back upstairs, wait in line and have the floor person change the comps to the other restaurant.

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