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Captain Ace wrote a review about Napa Valley Casino in American Canyon, CA

Best Room in Nor Cal

I have been playing poker at Napa Valley Casino for about 6 years and have always had a great experience every time I've gone in.

First off, the place is a little small and from the street doesn't look too inviting, but the owners have put a lot of work into making the inside very nice and comfortable. They have plans to expand but have been fighting with the City of American Canyon over it for a few years. (They won in court earlier this year and should be able to start expanding in the next year.)

What really makes this place great is the staff and the way the owners run it. Brian and Von (the owners) are there almost every day and have been poker players their entire lives and have years of experience.....they even met at a poker table. So they understand everything from the customers side first. They keep true to their slogan "The Friendliest Casino in America".

All of the floor men have all been there for years and remember just about everybody's name and what games they play. They are all friendly and make consistent rulings in the games.

The dealers are all very well trained and friendly as well. They smile while they deal and help keep the games moving. Most of them have worked there for years and know most players by name. My favorite thing about them is that they almost never make mistakes but always say "thank you" for every tip. (I hate dealers that don't say thank you when you tip them).

They have a $1,500 weekly free roll tournament every Sat for player who qualify with 20 hours of play and a $3,000 monthly graveyard free roll. In the morning they give you and extra $15 with your buy-in if you play 2 hours. There are small and big jackpots, Royal Flush bonuses and they still have the lowest rake in the Bay Area!!!

They don't have a real kitchen, but have soup sandwiches all day or you can order from any of the local restaurants (most deliver to the casino). At night they cater a nice dinner that is served around 7:30. The best part is that all the food is comped for players.

I will still go to other card rooms from time to time for special events or if I happen to be close by and have a little extra time. However, I never feel as comfortable or have as nice of a time as when I am at Napa Valley Casino.

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