Ocala Gainesville Poker formerly Ocala Poker

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28 Tables
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BlahBlahBlah wrote a review about Ocala Gainesville in Orange Lake, FL

Wow - Players Not Good

Going to this place frustrated the @#$% out of me.

As a room, it's fine. Staff was very good, dealers did a nice job and so on. It's not the nicest poker room in the world but it'll do.

What drove me nuts was the players. I heard these games were soft which I why I checked out it. There is soft and then there's stupid.

Plus there's just not a ton of money on the table. I bounced from table to table trying to find a group that was reasonable and had to settle for one with a few regs playing a little higher than I wanted considering who I was against.

It just wasn't much fun. I guess I like a tougher game and not a bunch of goofballs trying to throw their money away. Be ready for a home game with buddies mentality if you go.

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JDuganW wrote a review about Ocala Gainesville in Orange Lake, FL


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