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Steve R wrote a review about Ocean's 11 in Oceanside, CA

Da Hammer

So so sad! Used to be a fun place for all. Ever since the owners Son was put in charge it has gone steadily downhill. Let me count the ways: Steve G. Demoted. The best Floor Man bar none. This lead to such a moral drop on the entire staff. Z brought in from LA. What a mistake. No personality, bad decisions, only is friendly towards Women. So sick. The best Floor People and dealers wisely have left. Leading to a major drop in the quality of dealers and Floor-men. The rake has been increased four times in various ways in the past 4 years. So sick. The One Man Band in the Bar had been there forever. Nice guy. Great environment. They fired him and put in a loud Disco catering to a crowd that does not play poker. Drink prices up and pour quantities down. Now the food comp has been eliminated/Altered. It is now a complicated joke for the Patrons and servers. The Jackpots are capped. Where is all the extra drop going? The players time comp has been turned into a puny joke. The economy is booming and they have an Oligopoly but there business is declining from these years of errors. As a result the games are horrible. More players are looking for house games, quitting, or going to other venues. I can tell you so much more, but hopefully you get the trend.
/ Altered and is a joke

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fares002 wrote a review about Ocean's 11 in Oceanside, CA


Average poker room. Dealers like their jobs, managers are Fair. The overall staff wants Ocean's 11 to succeed.... Read More