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CreQ wrote a review about Ocean's 11 in Oceanside, CA

They've ruined it, april+September 2016=death for oceans

This place had tournaments that are $35 buyin, $2500 gtd but just switched to $65 buyin but only made the guarantee $500 extra..basically forcing you to buy the rebuy that used to be optional. The prize pool was hitting 3400 with around 90 players with their addons and rebuys, but now that they doubled the price, there was 60 players..and though math would tell you they should still easily hit 3400, the tournament didn't Crack the 3000 guarantee. So now we pay twice as much for FEWER OPTIONS, and the PRIZE POOL is actually LOWER than it was before they doubled the buyin.

This is just the latest icing on the cake. Three months ago they moved the tournament room from a large room where there was barely sufficient space, into a smaller room where they had table games like blackjack..and moved the table games into the large tournament room. Now the new room for tournaments is too small, you can't eat in most seats because the tray won't fit between you and the person sitting at the table behind you, because your chairs are already. This wouldn't be so bad if the table games needed the room, BUT THEY DON'T! THE NEW ROOM FOR THE TABLE GAMES HAS SO MUCH EXTRA ROOM THEY AREN'T USING THAT THEY COULD FIT TWICE AS MUCH IN THERE AS THEY CURRENTLY USE.

It's like they believe tournament players aren't valuable, and that they're not the ones that play live tables also..or as if they just don't care about making poor decisions that impact us badly.

As a customer there, I wouldn't dare criticize any of their policies on their premisis because I know they're quick to 86 people who voice opinions that they don't want other players to hear. They just fired two tournament directors and two dealers there just recently, simply for voicing concerns about various things.

This was my favorite room to play in, even after they moved it to a smaller room, but once they screwed up the buyin/prize pool structure of the most successful daily tournament in San Diego this week, I'm seriously done coming here. This was the best daily tournament in San Diego, and yet you're "fixing" it when it's not broken to try to make, what, an extra $100 in house fees?

This last decision has ruined your poker room for me, and so did overhearing someone who voiced their concerns about the new structure be told by manager that "they'd better watch what they're saying or they might be 86d" is just another straw on top of the one that broke the camels back.

I'll be playing the Thursday deepstack and Friday night Pala tournaments from now on out, and judging by the fact that 33% of the players didn't show up to the two tournaments I played with the new structure, I'm guessing others are going to be joining me.

Best regards,
A very loyal customer who's probably no longer going to be one of yours. Thanks for the betrayal.

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