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13 Tables
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kendouglas wrote a review about Pala Casino in Pala, CA

poker room is dead

This room routinely only gets 10-20 players in their tournaments, it rarely spreads anything over 1-3 NL. It's a nice room if you happen to be there for other reasons but don't waste your time just for the poker. Sometimes the Saturday tournament gets cancelled because less than 5 people show up.

So in addition to the bad tournament attendance, the floor makes up their own rules. Tried to tell me with no action on the river, the last Bettie from the previous betting round much show first. After the hand I asked to see a copy of their local rules. He gave me a single page with four rules labeled as Aria Poker rules dated from 2009. When I questioned him he said that's what they used here. Then I noticed the house rules were posted on a placard. The posted rule was the normal one, first to left if the button shows first. When I pointed this out he said floor ruling is final. WTF??? I was just trying to point out a mistake. I keep giving this room a chance every couple of months.... this is it.... this is by far the worst run poker room I've seen in 16 states and 4 countries.

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