Poker Tables:
11 Tables
Open Now (3:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD

Announcements from Peaks Dallas

Peaks Members:

Peaks is now open at 12p DAILY. Look out for 10a openings coming soon...

Keep an eye out for our new tournament schedule, as always, without any cost to enter!

Benji's $5/10 is now two nights a week! Join us Tuesday and Friday for awesome action, fun side games, and great cocktails!

In addition to Peaks' daily $1/1, $1/2 and $1/2 1DC tables the current weekly lineup is as follows:
Monday 7pm: Jason's Game, Deep Stack $1/2/5 NLH, 1DC/Rd., $50 Splash Pots, $500-2,000, Grimaldi's Pizza (West Village)
Tuesday 7pm: Benji's Game, $5/10 NLH, $1,000-2,000, Chick Fil A (Mockingbird)
Wednesday 7pm: David A's Game, $2/5 NLH, 1DC/Rd., $500-3,000, William's Chicken (Downtown)
Thursday 7pm: TJ's Game, $1/2 Congress/PLO, $200-1,000, Chick Fil A (Mockingbird)
Friday 7pm: Benji's Game, $5/10 NLH, $1,000-2,000, Pie Tap (Design District)
Sunday 3pm: Two Great Games!: $2/5 NLH, $500-2,000, 1DC/Rd. AND $0.25/0.50 NLH Intro Table, $20-50, Raising Canes (NW HWY)

Peaks is the only private social club in Dallas with ping-pong, foosball, shuffleboard, card games, board games, chess, a full bar, arcade games, and so much more!

Industry Pricing for all City Club, Country Club, or Private Club Employees
-$5 hourly Club Access Fee for all industry members
-Full access to all the normal free snacks and refreshments, energy drinks, free catered dinner, and $2 beer, $3 wine, $4-5 liquor

Cash Games Offered

    • 1/1 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: $50 to $100
    • 1/2 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: $60 to $300
    • 2/5 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: $200 to $500
    • 5/10 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: $1,000 to $2,000
    • 10/25 No Limit Holdem
    • Buy-in: Min $2,500
    • 1/2/5 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
    • Buy-in: $500 to $2,000