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9:00am - 3:00am
9:00am - 3:00am
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Pokerzen wrote a review about Pensacola Greyhound in Pensacola, FL

Decent Room

I stopped in while visiting my son who is station there in the NAVY. For starters, the staff was a bit discombobulated. My son and I went to sign in for a 1/2 game, she took our names. She called me and sent me to a table that was completely full. Then her and other staff members started yelling across the room at each other. Eventually she said "I apologize, just give me a few minutes." So I sat back down. A few minutes later, she called my son and about 5 other people for 1/2. When I went back to see her, she had forgotten about me. But she got me into a game then. The action was decent, but I sat down at a table with a player who was sitting on about 4k in chips at a 1/2 game. With that kind of chip stack, it's hard to play against him. I broke even after a few hours, but looking across the room I saw my kid was doing great, plus he'd won a promotion. He got a $50.00 entry into a tournament, which he sold for $25.00. The dealers were friendly, and overall pretty good. I did have to correct one dealer a few times. He has the wrong button position twice and once he scolded my for playing out of turn when I was first to act. He was accepting of his mistakes though. Otherwise, decent spot to play. i'll play again when in the area. I do hate dog racing though, so that's kind of a bummer for me. Figure I'll donate to a greyhound rescue if I win anything. And I wont be there often.

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